Welcome to the very best of authentic Caribbean country life, at beautiful LimeLand House.

LimeLand nestles in the middle of an old cocoa estate, which has long since been reclaimed by nature. Now densely forested it is a veritable Mecca for bird watchers. Ocean birds, forest birds and Nariva Swamp flora and fauna abound.

Enjoy country walks and investigate the estate lands. Observe the resident woodpeckers, channel-billed toucans, yellow-tailed cornbirds and caiman crocodile that live in the pond.

LimeLand is the dream home of Dr and Mrs Sagar. Two pristine and comfortable apartments are incorporated into the home and managed by their son, Kayman.

Kayman's love for the country is infectious! As a registered and regarded Tour Guide he has all the tools to enhance and personalize your stay. A truly special and most memorable experience... LimeLand!

Each apartment accommodates up to 5 people at $120usd/night. Personalized tours run from $100 U.S. /person.

Prices seen are final with no hidden charges.

The apartments are self-contained. Kitchen, A/C bedrooms, laundry facility and Satellite T.V.